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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Wedding Themes & Bridesmaids dresses

Later in the month I'm off shopping with my 4 beautiful bridesmaids in search of the perfect Bridesmaids dresses. I don't actually have a style or colour in mind but until we have the dresses I can't really set a 'theme' for the wedding. We've been e-mailing back and fore various dresses they can try on and coast seems to have a good selection

I've started looking at themes and it seems you can go totally to the extreme with Wedding themes; be it by colour theme, object theme (eg butterflies on everything), film theme (Alice in wonderland, Narnia etc..), country themed eg Celtic and the list goes on. If you Goggle wedding themes you come up up with all weird and wonderful themes but it made me stumble upon this wedding blogger Belle Amour who I've taken a shine to. She's blogged on everything from Gift Favours to Honeymoons and has given me lots of inspiration (Thanks Belle). Also my other fav Blogger is Georgia who Blogs on which again has loads of real life weddings and is full of lots of inspiration for me.

For now my theme will have to wait but I'm having fun looking at all the inspiration around me and on the web.... watch this space to see what theme me and Mr Moff end up with, but I can assure you now it will not be a 'Mad Hatters Tea Party'.

R x

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