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Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Sunday Times Style - Be our dream bride

Everyone knows the Sunday Times Style Magazine is the magazine to read about up to date fashion and trends, but when my Mum called and said why don't you enter to their Bride of 2011 competition I nearly fell off my chair laughing! You have to write an article of 250 words on why you deserve to win..... eerrrr what on earth would I write about - because I like Weddings? Because I want to be in the Style Magazine? Because I want an expensive wedding dress? Because, Because..ohhh just Because OK!!!

I guess if I am going to enter I better get my thinking cap on - those 'beacuses' above are just not very good and I need something pretty darn special if I'm going to win a £15,000 Vivienne Westwood couture wedding gown! Any help appreciated please.

Me, Mr Moff and Sunflowers

I'm looking at wedding flowers now.... is it acceptable to have sunflowers as you wedding flowers I wonder? There is something so enchanting about them, I just have to look at one and I immediately smile :-) The photo above was me and Mr Moff on holiday in July 2010 in France just after he'd proposed, trust me I didn't need the sunflowers to make me smile that holiday!

R x

Wedding Themes & Bridesmaids dresses

Later in the month I'm off shopping with my 4 beautiful bridesmaids in search of the perfect Bridesmaids dresses. I don't actually have a style or colour in mind but until we have the dresses I can't really set a 'theme' for the wedding. We've been e-mailing back and fore various dresses they can try on and coast seems to have a good selection

I've started looking at themes and it seems you can go totally to the extreme with Wedding themes; be it by colour theme, object theme (eg butterflies on everything), film theme (Alice in wonderland, Narnia etc..), country themed eg Celtic and the list goes on. If you Goggle wedding themes you come up up with all weird and wonderful themes but it made me stumble upon this wedding blogger Belle Amour who I've taken a shine to. She's blogged on everything from Gift Favours to Honeymoons and has given me lots of inspiration (Thanks Belle). Also my other fav Blogger is Georgia who Blogs on which again has loads of real life weddings and is full of lots of inspiration for me.

For now my theme will have to wait but I'm having fun looking at all the inspiration around me and on the web.... watch this space to see what theme me and Mr Moff end up with, but I can assure you now it will not be a 'Mad Hatters Tea Party'.

R x

The First Dance

Eeek, so I'd be lying if I said this isn't worrying me. I've been to a couple of Weddings recently and their first dances went down so well but when I think about it or try and find a song nothing seems right. Do you go slow, fast, funny, serious, have it choreographed, just lull side to side, so many options! Whilst going through You Tube I found this First Dance which is just amazing... I don't think me and Mr Moff quite have the dancing step to pull it off... or do we.....???

The dress

So I was thinking about my wedding dress the other day as I'm going for my first fitting this Thursday... why do we spend so much money on one dress that we are going to wear for 1 day - its crazy (Mr Moff does not know the cost of it otherwise he'd have a fit)!

It made me dig out the above photo of me in a wedding dress from a charity shop in Monmouth that cost a whopping £10.00. It was for a murder mystery dinner party and my character was a Hungarian Ball Room Dancer who was wearing a white ball dress - I mean do you find something to wear like that other than a charity shop wedding dress. Of course it got got lots of comments when we proceeded into town after the dinner party, one man even thought I had got married in it that day (humm - rather worrying considering I was covered in pink lipstick kisses all over my face at this point).

I'm pleased to report my dress does not look anything like the one in the photo above


My First Wedding Blog!

Hello, well this isn't only my first wedding blog as the title says but actually my first ever blog!

With five and a half months to go until my wedding I have decided to keep a blog on my wedding plans so friends and family can see my progress and count down to the big day with me. So, with lots booked but lots still to do I'll update you on where we are:

  • Date: 16th July 2011
  • Church: Booked - Church of St Michaels and All Angels, Mitchel Troy
  • Venue: Booked - The Stonemill, Rockfield Monmouth
  • Cars: Booked - Can't say more as they are a surprise
  • Dress: Chosen but I definitely can't say anything on this..... Mr Moffatt might be reading this :-)
  • Hairdressers: Booked for me and my BMs

Still to do: Invites, Cake, Band, Bridesmaids Dresses, Table decorations, Soloist for in Church, Order of Service, Hymns, Wedding Rings, Ushers Suits, Honeymoon, loose weight and tone up and I'm there are a million of other things too I just can't think of them yet!

R x