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Sunday, 30 January 2011

The dress

So I was thinking about my wedding dress the other day as I'm going for my first fitting this Thursday... why do we spend so much money on one dress that we are going to wear for 1 day - its crazy (Mr Moff does not know the cost of it otherwise he'd have a fit)!

It made me dig out the above photo of me in a wedding dress from a charity shop in Monmouth that cost a whopping £10.00. It was for a murder mystery dinner party and my character was a Hungarian Ball Room Dancer who was wearing a white ball dress - I mean do you find something to wear like that other than a charity shop wedding dress. Of course it got got lots of comments when we proceeded into town after the dinner party, one man even thought I had got married in it that day (humm - rather worrying considering I was covered in pink lipstick kisses all over my face at this point).

I'm pleased to report my dress does not look anything like the one in the photo above


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